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gyarurulove's Journal

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From left to right, Abebe (Abe Asami), Sonene (Gal Sone), Amimi (Tokito Ami).
Gyaruru can be best decribed as Para Para meets Gyaru.

When the group was first created, it consisted of Sonene, Amimi, and Tsujiji (Tsuji Nozomi). However, when rumours circulated that Tsuji was pregnant, and when she and her boyfriend/soon to be husband confirmed that it was true, she retired from Gyaruru before their first single was even released. Abebe was called in to replace her, and the song was rerecorded before coming out.

Their first single, Boom Boom めっちゃマッチョ! (Boom Boom Meccha Maccho!) was released on
June 20th, 2007. It sold about 5000 copies in it's first week. The song is very upbeat, and featured a PV where the three of them do a Para Para routine throughout the whole song. The single came with a second song, named 女のウルトラ (Onna no ULTRA). This song is upbeat too, making the single a powerful first release.